Many people with a good reputation and standing in society often seek the services of escort agencies from time to time. they want to have refreshing sex experience, during their professional tours to different cities or countries.

However, no one will prefer to make their sexual encounter with any trans escort public, so that their family member, friends, and colleagues may know about it. Often such affairs can come under the radar of the people and as a result, their privacy can be at stake.

Therefore, while looking for an escort service, there are few things that must be kept in mind and one must follow these precautions.

  1. Try to create a few anonymous email accounts

Avoid making communication with escort agency from your own email and create few anonymous email accounts, and do not try to communicate through these accounts too often.

  1. Use prepaid phones

Try to use a separate prepaid account while interacting with an escort, which should be rarely used for avoiding any detection.

  1. Keep a separate personal mobile phone

Preferably try to use a different mobile phone for any communication with escort agency so that it remains secret from others.

  1. Always clear all your browsing history

Your browsing history on the web can always detect which websites you have visited. Therefore, in case you visit any escort agency website, then clear that from your browsing history.

  1. Choose a safe location to meet escorts

Try to choose your location for meeting with the escort totally confidential and safe so that no one can notice you easily.

  1. Always pay with cash

All payments to escort agency as well as escorts must be paid in cash instead of credit card or check, as they can be easily detected by any investigating agencies.

  1. Avoid paying through your bank account

Never draw a big amount of money through ATM from the bank on that day for making payment as that can raise suspicion.

  1. Always shower after an encounter

You must take a good shower bath after the encounter with your escort so that no lipstick mark or perfume smell can be detected by your spouse.

  1. Dress appropriately

If you are making an excuse for visiting a certain place in order to meet escort then dress accordingly so that people can believe your statement.

  1. Make sure where you have to meet

The place of your meeting must be very clear to you so that you can drive straight there and need not ask for direction from any person.

  1. Avoid attracting attention

You should be careful with your speech, action, and dress so that you may not draw the attraction of any others when you go to meet the escort.

  1. Avoid being loud during the encounter

Prefer not to be too loud while meeting an escort so that people take notice of you.

  1. Avoid sharing about the encounter to your close friends

Never share about your encounter with the escort to any close friend or colleague otherwise cat can always be out of the bag.

  1. Delete incoming calls of escorts

All call records with the escort should be immediately deleted from your phones.

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