Many couples experience awkward sex position problems to lift their hips for anal sex or elevate back for moist make out. They might have tried regular pillow, which was not helpful. However, you can look for sex pillows, which are more stable than the regular sleeping pillows as well as gives better support to the body. Generally, pillows are designed for head and if it is a memory foam cushion then they have a tendency to be squishy and will never hold body in place.

Sex pillows are used in several situations

  • If your spouse has large penis then using a sex pillow will give support and ensure that it does not totally slip out.
  • If penis is on small side then the sex pillow gives him a position that makes you feel deep penetration.
  • If you are suffering from arthritis or your knee hurts because of other reasons then having to kneel on floor or bed for oral sex is agonizing.
  • If both are of different height then sex pillows help to line up the hips and enjoy libido.
  • If your mattress is very soft and hinders good thrusting then you can benefit from little help.

You can see sex pillows allow to play with all kinds of positioning. You can use them in a variety of ways and are available in variety of shapes and styles. Visit, an online sex-shop that sells premium quality adult toys.

Sex wedges

Your spouse gets propped up making it easy to reach in many different positions like missionary, doggy-style and oral positions. It indicates better angle to reach G-spot and deep penetration.

Sex wedge designed from dense foam, which is supportive, sturdy yet comfy. Micro-suede material is used for the exterior making it non-slippery and easy to clean

  • Heart shape wedge pillow looks discreet and can blend well as decorative cushion on your bed. You can choose colors of your choice including red, blue, black, chocolate, and violet. However, heart shaped pillow is not comfy for doggy style. It is resistant to staining from fluids.
  • Wider plus size sex wedges are expensive but their covers can be removed and machine washed.
  • Inflatable wedges are good for trying and then investing in an expensive version. As they are inflatable, you can control pillow softness according to your preference. It can be stored easily and you can take it along while travelling.

Sex ramps

Ramps are large version of sex wedges. They support your entire back.

  • Large curved hump allows to prop her butt without any effort for doggy-style and get into strong rhythm.
  • For missionary position, you get extra support. The material is sexy and pillow is soft.
  • Offers perfect angle for stimulating the G-spot.

Bottom line

Investing on sex pillows, allow you to enjoy libido with your partner in many ways but they are not cheap. If you are still skeptical then start with cheap inflatable sex pillow. You get an idea about how it works. Ultimately, you will be ready for the big and best wedges and ramps.

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